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First 30

First 30

What you do during the first 30 minutes of your day, right after you wake up, will set the tone of the day. The Accurate Thinker Productivity Planner features a “First 30” section to encourage you to prime your mind and body with activities that put you in a positive state. The goal is to spend at least 30 minutes of mindful, intentional meditation to kick start your day.


  • Spend 10 minutes reading a good book;
  • Spend 3 minutes visualizing how you want your day to go, or visualizing your ideal life;
  • Spend 3 minutes thinking about people and things that you are grateful for;
  • Work out or go for a walk for 10 minutes; and
  • Do affirmations for 4 minutes.

For a total of 30 minutes, you are able to quiet your mind and do some intentional priming to put yourself in the best position to tackle the day.

Remember, our mindset is how we approach life. It’s made up of our beliefs + attitude. What’s going on in our head is so important because what we tell ourselves, our stories and habits create our reality. That is why having a mindset self care routine everyday, before doing anything else, is beneficial to cultivate accurate thinking.